Industry Leading Combustion Solutions

Fuel-train management and combustion-safety solutions for safety-conscious organizations that work with fuel-fired equipment.

Why Choose Rockford?

We are your single-source strategic partner for all of your combustion safety needs. From industry-leading combustion training to over 60,000 ventless valve trains that can ship within one week to complex engineered solutions, we have the expertise and experience to improve NFPA compliance, worker safety, efficiency and air quality, while reducing the risk of fires and explosions.

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Rockford Combustion provides fuel-train management and combustion-safety solutions for safety-conscious organizations that work with fuel-fired equipment.

Our wide range of combustion safety solutions enable organizations to improve NFPA compliance, worker safety, system efficiency and air quality while reducing the risk of life safety events.

Rockford Combustion stands committed to the prevention of injuries and fatalities. We are here to help businesses large and small address combustion safety challenges, remove the burden of managing inspections, and oversee standards compliance through our trusted turnkey solutions.

Our Expertise

Expert Training

Offering a range of onsite and remote combustion safety courses, required annually by NFPA.

Field Safety Services

Providing end-to-end project management from specification to commissioning, saving time and money while ensuring superior performance.

Engineered Solutions

Engineered-To-Order (ETO) solutions for customers installing new complex combustion systems or those who are retrofitting existing ones across a range of industries.

Experienced Team

Experienced team of engineering, manufacturing and operations personnel design, build and install with excellence.

Rockford Combustion manufactures over 60,000 standard valve trains, utilizing ventless best safety practices, all in stock and ready to ship. Whether the project is big or small, consider us your #1 source for any fuel-train solution.

Over 60,000 Valve Trains

Standard valve trains are stocked and ready to ship in 1/2" to 4" sizes with capacities up to 7,500 SCFH and pre-designed units with capacities up to 22,500 SCFH.

Ventless Valve Train Design

All valve trains feature ventless design which improves factory safety and enhances burner operation.

Stallion Quick Ship Program

Best-In-Class delivery includes one week shipment for valve trains 2" or less and four weeks for valve trains 4" or less.

Made in USA

Proudly manufactured in Rockford, Illinois, USA. Quality guaranteed and avoids international supplier delays.

Common Applications

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