15 Minutes To Save Your Life

Equipment Pre-Start Walk-Around

A. Review control panel lights, markings, and internal wiring. Look for jumpers across terminals and relays that may be blocked/jammed open.

B. Review all safety interlock switch settings to make sure they appear reasonable (as per marked settings).

C. Review all valves (manual gas cocks and safety shut-off valves) to make sure they are in the proper position prior to start-up (i.e. safety shut-off valve visual indication shows closed).

D. Review that all sensing lines to interlock switches, ratio regulators, and other devices are connected.

E. Review all firebox and/or entrance doors to the combustion chamber or furnace/oven chamber to make sure all are latched properly.

F. Review fan dampers so that they are free to move and are not jammed. Check that all filters are unclogged and in place. Check fan blades and general fan condition. Verify if purge fans are moving air.

G. Review the exhaust system fans, dampers, linkage, and related components.

H. Locate the termination of each vent/bleed line. Review for gas flow and insect/bird nests (or other types of blockage).

I. Check the time settings on all purge timers.

J. Do a no-fuel ignition sequence, if possible, to see that BMS sequences properly.