Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are the standard components of a valve train?

A: Standard components of all valve trains sizes include regulators, in-line strainers, dual-safety shut-off valves, manual-isolation valves, pressure switches, and test fittings. All assemblies are powder coated and pressure tested.

Q: What is a valve, or fuel, train?

A: Valve trains (or fuel trains or gas trains) control the flow of gasses for industrial equipment, such as furnaces, ovens, dryers and boilers, making them a crucial component in

Q: What solutions does Rockford offer?

A: Rockford Combustion Solutions offers combustion a turnkey combustion safety solution, including training, on-site risk assessments, annual inspections*, pre-acquisition audits, customized engineered solutions, standardized and customized valve trains, quality installation

Q: What are thermal processes?

A: Thermal processes are various methods used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a product’s material or coating. Thermal processes may be high-temperature operations such as heat