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NFPA 85 Training Requirements

Download NFPA 85 Training Requirements PDF NFPA 85 (2019 Edition) – Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazard Code Operator Training The owner or the owner’s representative shall be responsible for establishing a formal training program that is consistent with the type of equipment and hazards involved to prepare personnel to operate the equipment. Operating procedures shall be established that cover normal and emergency conditions. Start-up, shutdown, and lockout procedures shall all be covered in detail. Where different modes of operation are possible, procedures shall be prepared for each operating mode. Procedures also shall be prepared for switching from

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15 Minutes To Save Your Life

Equipment Pre-Start Walk-Around A. Review control panel lights, markings, and internal wiring. Look for jumpers across terminals and relays that may be blocked/jammed open. B. Review all safety interlock switch settings to make sure they appear reasonable (as per marked settings). C. Review all valves (manual gas cocks and safety shut-off valves) to make sure they are in the proper position prior to start-up (i.e. safety shut-off valve visual indication shows closed). D. Review that all sensing lines to interlock switches, ratio regulators, and other devices are connected. E. Review all firebox and/or entrance doors to the combustion chamber or furnace/oven chamber to make sure

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Gas Train Quiz

How A Light-Off Sequence Works On a call for heat, the Burner Management System (BMS) checks the Low and High gas pressure switches, the proof of closure switch, and initiates the purge cycle. The purge fan comes on. The purge timing starts when the airflow switch senses that sufficient airflow is being provided. When the purge timing is complete, the BMS verifies that the firing rate valve is in the low fire start position, the igniter sparks, and the pilot solenoid valves open. The BMS timer allows only 10 seconds for the flame detector to prove the pilot flame. Once a pilot is verified, the Safety

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